TotalRock and House of Tours Announce New Partnership For Streamed Shows Filmed Live at KK's Steel Mill

Legendary rock radio station Totalrock has announced a partnership deal with UK-based logistics, touring and production company House of Tours, to provide the international Rock & Metal scene with an opportunity for a series of streamed shows filmed live at KK’s Steel Mill venue in Wolverhampton, UK. 

The partnership will see the companies work together to provide promoters and bands with a full top-spec production show in one of the most up and coming rock venues in the UK, with a full-live stream with live interviews and presenters. 

As well as providing the full film and production crew, film and sound editing and mixing, House of Tours also provide a full professional stage (40ft wide x 30ft deep) setting including LED wall (65ft long x 12ft high), pyrotechnics & SPFX all provided by in-house Production Company JSES Ltd. Bands will be able to perform live and create a fully mixed live show with interviews and presenters interspersed with live performances. 

“Supporting new talent and providing a platform for people to be heard, and more recently seen, has always been at the forefront of the TotalRock ethos and this venture is a perfect example that we are proud to support and be part of."
Tony Wilson
MD and Owner of TotalRock

The Band’s set will be recorded live and streamed via a paywall and ultimately, the option of a paid audience in the venue too (depending on latest government Covid restrictions). 

As media partner, TotalRock will broadcast and promote elements of the performances across its multiple platforms including its much-loved radio station, Twitch channel and Youtube, as well as providing presenters to host the streams and interview bands. 

The venture follows the success of live streams involving the bands Cats In Space, Hollowstar, Wolf Jaw, False Hearts, Black Tree Vultures and more and also encapsulates the whole unique House Of Tours experience harvested from 35yrs of Service to the Rock & Metal Genre. 

TotalRock and House of Tours are now taking bookings for future performances and are appealing to promoters, management companies and agents to get in contact to book slots.

"I am incredibly privileged and proud to be able to offer this opportunity to the Rock & Metal “family” that I have been part of for my entire adult life. My focus is on the new talent but we also cater for the more established acts out there. I truly believe that we have a formidable & respected partnership that can offer a fantastic platform and tour service to enable our beloved genre to soar once more”
Stu Phillips
Managing Director of House of Tours