What Can the Music Industry Learn from the Rock It Cargo and Sound Moves Merge?

The news of the merge between two of the world’s leading touring logistics companies didn’t come as a surprise to some. When Rock It Cargo and Sound Moves announced their collaboration on January 25th this year, it set some tongues clacking. We’ve heard it said that these two corporations now corner the market in touring facilitation and logistics. Despite (the newly named) Rock It Global being a sizeable, and we must admit, innovative company, House of Tours still count themselves as a front runner in performance logistics and management. So, in light of the big industry news regarding a merger between these two conglomerates, we wanted to make some of our business philosophies clear.

Our business runs on the smooth collaboration of several parts. Just like a well-oiled machine, House of Tours must have the correct cogs in place, functioning at peak efficiency for the whole operation to come off. If one part of our team fails, the whole body must stop and resolve the issue. From our experience as a company with dozens of facets, we can attest that collaboration is infinitely better for our productivity than competition. The trick of a truly successful business is finding a way for talented and skilled people to somehow work together as a seamless team.

Some might say that Rock It Cargo and Sound Moves have been in partnership for a while on the down low (hey, no judgment here), but we understand that combining strong faces of a business makes perfect sense. There is absolutely strength in numbers and having a bigger team can be a real asset to making sure things move smoothly which sure is the aim of the game for creative logistics. You want everything to come off without a hitch, so nothing distracts from what’s on the stage. As is often the case though, bigger is not always better. Person-power is one thing, but it doesn’t necessarily solve every problem. A car with top-of-the-line tyres and improved fuel efficiency won’t necessarily go faster or farther. It depends on the driver too. Without a strong driver, the car can’t perform to its full potential, just as a great driver would be wasted behind the wheel of a 1992 Nissan Micra.

Collaboration can mean power, or chaos. It depends how you work together. Bands are a prime example of collaboration going right. When artists get together, they can make amazing art go further than if they were alone. The right combination can be awe-inspiring. Take Meatloaf, for example. He makes a kick-ass record all on his own, but he’s stronger still when he chooses to collaborate. Music Times declares that I would do anything for love, is one of Meatloaf’s “signature hits,” which is well-known to be a duet between him and the amazing Lorraine Crosby.

Then again, not every collaboration is a match made in heaven. Artists, particularly musicians, are renowned for being volatile and unpredictable. Put two divas in the same recording booth, or worse, tour bus, and you’ve got yourself a problem. So, what’s our point? Well, our company ethos is all about working well together as an effective team and about working well with clients in a trustworthy and truthful way. We’d sure like to see more of it in the industry.

Our core beliefs drive our work ethos at House of Tours and since work is a huge part of every person’s identity, we’re determined to work in a way that is right and honest because who we are at work is a massive part of who we are as a whole. The same goes for you. If your job is in performing and creativity, then it’s logical to suppose that your heart is too. At House of Tours, we understand how important each and every performance opportunity is for you and it’s our dream to make your dreams real. That’s why the only collaboration that’s important to us is the partnership between us and our clients. We care about your equipment because we know that your guitar is an extension of your soul.

Because we care about our clients, and in the interest of openness, here are our guiding principles that influence our work ethic at House of Tours.

1. Trust

It’s is our first guiding principle to successful working relationships. House of Tours will always strive to be honest and trustworthy, because you can’t work with someone who isn’t honest with you. We feel that trust is a pillar of all good relationships including professional ones.

2. Integrity

For us, integrity means delivering on what we promise. If we say we’re going to do something, that is just what we’ll do. False promises and income-enhancing ploys are not in our arsenal. What we do have is a lot of first-hand experience of the industry and the best connections to get your music out there.

3. Transparency

We always want to be honest with our clients, both long-standing and new, about our workings as a company. Publicity stunts designed to make us look superior is just not how we roll. We know who we are, and we want you to know too.

2020 proved that the creative industries could stand to be more adaptable. We don’t blame any company or anyone who is making efforts to adapt to these hard times for the industry. At House of Tours, we are adapting and evolving our multi-faceted services to include pre-recorded and live streamed concert and performance capabilities. Click here to find out how we’re raising the bar for the performance logistics industry and discover how you can still perform to a paying audience. Through hard work and innovation, we’re evolving to embrace the future of performance technology, but we are still the company you can trust above all.

House of Tours are dedicated to each of our clients in a way that large, corporate firms simply cannot manage. We are one hundred percent devoted to your success because if you don’t look good on stage, then we don’t look good. For a logistics company you can trust to put your interests ahead of their own, while delivering outstanding results, think House of Tours. We’ve got it covered.