How Your Music Career Can Start Again Right Now,
and Coronavirus Can Shove It.

Remember the blissful ignorance we enjoyed in January last year? “The virus won’t come here,” we said to each other over lunch. “We’re well prepared if it does get this far,” said our politicians and we nodded sagely in agreement. How wrong we were. Cut to the first lockdown and we were all stunned. A year ago, no one could really conceive a world in which the schools are closed, pubs shut and hugging your mum became illegal, but there we were living in that world.

Still, we didn’t comprehend the extent of time this pandemic would last. “It’ll go in the summer,” we said over video chat, “it’s only a few weeks.” Ah yes, the age of optimism. With a sort of resigned peace in our hearts we baked sourdough loafs, began to write novels and organised our kitchen cupboards without a notion that we would still be here ten months on.

As musicians and performers, we were extraordinarily disappointed. The let-down of suddenly being without plans or work for an unknowable amount of time was dreadful and anxiety provoking. The length of the continuous yo-yo between lockdowns and restrictions meant that performers were always somehow unable to return to work while other industries re-opened or adapted. Those that were lucky enough to boast continuous employment in the creative industries before the viral outbreak were none too happy about having to cancel tours, concerts and shows. In the weeks leading up to the first lockdown House of Tours was so sad to watch tour after tour return and show after show cancel as the theatrical sectors were advised to shut before the rest of the workplaces. The sudden travel restrictions left performers stranded and scared in many parts of the world. The wasted hours of organisation for these things alone was a tragic waste, not to mention the emotional impact of losing your livelihood and not knowing how, or when it could be recovered.

Even with the recent announcement of a gradual easing of restrictions over the Spring and Summer, we can’t be sure when things will return to normal for us. Even with a plan for the performance industries to reopen, it is not yet clear when we will be able to once again perform at full capacity. There’s also the issue of touring outside of the UK. Even if we are free to gather again in the Summer, what’s to say that the rest of the world will also be? With unconfirmed dates and guidelines from the government, we cannot hope to plan for the future without reasonable assurances that it’s not possible for governing bodies to give. There’s no doubt about it, the music and performance industries have been at the peak of those most affected by the pandemic. There is hope however, because we, at House of Tours put our heads together to come up with a solution to the “no gathering” problem facing musicians and other creatives right now. After all, you need a paying crowd all together in one venue to make your music financially viable, right? Well, it got us thinking.

Live music concert

At House of Tours, we know all about the logistics of organising performance events and high-profile tours, hence our name. Touring and facilitating live performances is kind of our thing, at least it was. When it became clear that covid-19 was in no hurry to leave us alone, we revamped. We figured that there must be a way that the music industry can continue. With the “art is viable” campaign that swept the nation after some, let’s go with ‘ill advised’, comments on the arts sector from some of our country’s leaders, we thought that we should be doing everything we can to keep the creativity flowing. Art is even more essential now that we are, for now locked in our homes. Some of us don’t even know if we’re locked in with our kids or if they’re locked in with us. Either way, escapism is totally ‘in’ right now and that includes you. So, here’s how we adapted our services so that your career can continue even under these maddening circumstances.

We’re recording!

Who said you can’t go to a concert during lockdown? Okay, well you can’t strictly “go” to one, but you can experience one. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to make the most of what you’ve got. And what have we got? S**t-loads of recording and filming equipment, that’s what. The show must go on and we are delighted to say that we’ve perfected the (recently discovered) art of the remote concert.

With a forty-foot stage (extendable to sixty ft), LED wall, HD production, pro-camera crew, special FX and pyros at our disposal, we’ve got everything to make a pre-recorded show completely unforgettable. We can also give you access to our easy-to-use Paywall program for your fans and we’ll facilitate a recorded show or concert from start to finish to a professional standard. This is the answer to all those disappointed plans of last year. 2021 does not need to be a dead year for the arts. Your talent can be heard, and your music can make a difference. This pandemic isn’t going to stop you anymore. House of Tours will make sure of it.

We’re Live!

Maybe just getting your art out there is not enough for you, maybe you miss the thrill of performing live to a crowd. We’ve got you. We now have the capabilities to live stream your slick and stunning performances from our stage, meaning that you get to experience that bitter taste of adrenaline in the back of your tongue that you love and miss so much. Performers are always trying to figure out just what it is about performing live that feels so good. There’s a unique mix of panic and pleasure that just makes it addictive. Now, with our live streaming facilities, you can get that feeling back and play together with perfectly balanced levels in a socially distanced environment. Because health and safety are totally Rock and Roll!

We’re broadcasting!

Our recording and broadcasting facilities are second to none, ensuring that you get the thrilling, professional product that you really want. Just because musicians can’t conduct business as usual, that doesn’t mean that shows can’t go on. At House of Tours, we want your virtual show to be an amazing experience for you and your fans. If you bring the music, we’ll take care of the rest including production, providing an MC and even producing bonus content if that’s what you want. Backstage interview, anyone?

We’re combining!

When we’re able to perform at full capacity again, we’ve got it covered with our 2200 capacity performance space. But, until then, we are ready and waiting for the go ahead to get a smaller crowd inside the venue, so you can start selling tickets again, while broadcasting live to your other fans. As the restrictions start to lift across the UK, we’re fully prepared to combine broadcasting with ticketed shows. This also means that you don’t have to worry about when your international tours can continue just yet, because as other countries are still tightly locked down, you can still sell tickets there to your virtual shows and perform here!

Our first-class facilities boast projectors, Special FX, professional film and sound mixing, recording and post-production, to name just a few of our capabilities. We believe this medium of virtual performance isn’t just practical for now, but it will become a new industry sector unto itself even after the virus is done and you don’t want to miss out on getting to grips with it now and mining this untapped vein of revenue. While other companies may be offering similar facilities, only House of Tours are committed to the longevity of virtual touring alongside physical shows to maximise the reach of your income from shows, once these are possible again. Technology is amazing and who knows what will be possible in the future. House of Tours intends to find out.

If you’re thinking about performing a virtual concert, either pre-recorded or live-streamed, then get in touch with us to discover how we can make your dream a reality and get your music heard again.  Check out our live page to see what we can offer or to plan for the future when we can gather in venues again, see our other services.

We don’t know when life will be able to go back to normal, and what state our ravaged industry will be in when it does, but don’t make the same mistakes we did in the first lockdown now. Don’t wait to see how long this lasts before you take control of your life and career again. You can have both back now and we’re here to help you do it. Let’s Rock and Roll!