House of Tours & Stagesafe Endorse NEW Partnership

House of Tours Stagesafe Partnership

House of Tours has always been proud of its many facets of business. From tour logistics to event management, we are a one stop shop for all your touring and live event needs. We are now extremely excited to announce a new partnership with renowned health and safety company Stagesafe. This will mean that risk assessments, premises licence applications, contractor vetting and much, much more will be available to our clients as an extension of House of Tours. The aim of this is to make tours and events in our charge run as smoothly as possible with our team of experts working cohesively together.

Organising and facilitating the biggest shows on earth isn’t easy at the best of times but we are not the type of company to cut corners to save time or effort. The safety of all involved in each show from the crew and performers to the caterers and every member of the audience is of paramount importance to us. Some people may wish to side-step the proper safety measures which are there to protect us all for the sake of ease or cutting costs, but House of Tours are committed to working within the law and in a responsible, safe way.

Who better to advise us on live event and touring health and safety than Stagesafe’s Chris Hannam? With over fifty years of experience in live events management and 35 years’ experience in the health and safety aspects of events, tours and festivals, Chris is a veritable expert on all things safety. As a pioneer of safe practices within the creative industries, he is the author of four books on the subject and the brains behind the first specialised health and safety courses for crew and events staff.

With such a concrete knowledge of the industry and a passion for quality practices, we’re sure that Chris will prove to be a valuable member of the House of Tours team and provide vital advice to ensure we are working in the safest way we are able to for everyone’s wellbeing. We therefore announce and welcome the partnership between House of Tours and Stagesafe with Chris Hannam as our new safety consultant.