Festival Must-haves for 2021

Rock Festival Stage

At House of Tours, it’s come to our attention that festival season is upon us and unlike last year, there are actual festivals happening this year! We are extremely busy at the moment working out logistics and travel for some amazing bands at some of the most famous festivals in the country. We may be extremely busy, but we’re also extremely grateful to be after such an uncertain time for the arts sector.

So, in honour of those brave souls who are once again lighting up our stages with awesome music and presence, we’re putting together a list of useful things to pack in your bag for those attending or performing at festivals this summer. March on music lovers, march in wellies and rock on!

1. Wipes.

OK, we’re starting on a hygiene note and it’s not too rock n roll, but here’s the thing: festival showers stink but so will you if you don’t use them. We know that a pack of Wet Ones in your bag is probably an obvious festival staple to the seasoned music festival goer even with a year-long break in events. Wipes are traditionally full of plastic though and take a long time to decompose. According to Big Green Smile, “most wet wipes aren’t biodegradable, so it could take 100 years or more for them to disappear from landfill. Even worse, all too often people flush wipes down the toilet, so they end up clogging up sewers, damaging marine life and littering our beaches.”

That’s not cool either. Here’s the good news though, most supermarkets now do their own brand of biodegradable wet wipes and the ones from Aldi are actually really good! So, when you pick up your pre-festival body fresheners, choose biodegradable, or better yet, compostable ones.

2. Bring your own cup.

For two good reasons. The first, is that when you add up how many disposable plastic cups from the bar you might get through in a typical festival day or weekend, the world won’t thank you for adding that much waste plastic to her landfills if you can help it. The second reason is that a cup with a lid on it means that your chances of getting unwanted substances planted in your drinks drops dramatically. If you’re planning on indulging in substances on the wrong side of legal, we don’t judge. We all have our ways of letting off steam, but if you have a cup with a lid, you at least know what’s being put into your body. That choice should be yours only.

Rock Festival Checklist

3. Metal straws.

We know what you’re thinking: “again with eco-attack!” We are sorry, but the truth is paper straws suck. We know they’re biodegradable. We know that because the minute they touch whatever liquid they are supposed to be conveying they start to immediately degrade. Plastic straws are rubbish too because we all know what they do to the environment and wildlife. So, what’s the answer? Go metal. Whatever music you’re into, once you try metal, you won’t go back. They’re not expensive, they’re reusable, the rainbow ones are kind of funky and some even have little travel cases and cleaning brushes which makes them ideal festival partners. Then again, a lidded cup with a metal straw like this, ticks boxes number two and three at once. Thank you, Amazon.

4. Power bank.

In the height of excitement about finally getting to attend a music festival again, it’s so easy to forget the important things. You might remember your phone charger but forget that most festival campsites don’t come with plugs. If you can borrow a power bank from a friend or family member, then do that and make sure you charge it up before you go. Otherwise, it may be time to invest. Most are good for two charges with fast charging cables and can be as small as a tube of lipstick.

5. Your coat.

We’re not your mother, but we know a thing or two about festivals after dark. When you’re packing, you’ll be thinking about long, summer days with cans of chilled cider and sunburn. The reality is that weather is changeable, you can’t rely on the forecast or the Gods of Rock to blow the clouds away. If you’re stuck alone in the tent because you’re the only one who didn’t think to bring their mac or coat, it’s going to be a pretty miserable time. Even if you’re just going for the day, take a waterproof because what with Covid still about, almost everything is outside, so be prepared for whatever the sky can throw at you.

If you’re camping, we definitely recommend bringing a warm jacket. There is nothing quite like the cold you experience when it gets dark while camping. Somehow it gets right to your bones whereas if you were in your garden at home at the same hour, you might not even need a jumper. It’s just one of life’s mysteries.

Festival must-haves

6. Hangover cures.

Trust us, being over-prepared for a hangover is better than being under-prepared. Whatever you bring need to be ready to eat or drink varieties of whatever gets you through the morning after at home. So, if a pot noodle usually works for you, try salty crisps instead. Probably what your body wants is carbs and salt, but crisps require no prep, just two operational hands to open the packet. Monster Hydro Sport is a good option to have packed, since it’s a still version of their fizzy, caffeine-rich drink, so it will hydrate you better. Whatever you might need for those fuzzy mornings, make sure you have it to hand for easy access. You’ll thank us and so will your stomach.

7. Your mask.

Don’t be the guy who forgets their mask. Many businesses still ask you to wear them, so best to be on the safe side and have one on you. Or maybe two in case one gets trampled in the mud or falls in the port-a-loo.

We are loving the festival vibes we’ve been experiencing lately, and we hope that however you’re getting your music fix this summer that it’s totally awesome. Hopefully our packing suggestions make for a smooth festival experience whether you’re attending or performing. Follow us on social media to see which festivals we’ve been working at lately. Maybe you were there too.

We’re so pleased to be back and running at full capacity again. You hardly ever see us, but we help make festivals happen. We’re like festival elves who build stages, drive busses, and do paperwork. It’s all worth it to see an audience thoroughly enjoying themselves though. So, go forth and mosh music lovers! But seriously, don’t forget your wellies.