Dedicated UK and European
Van Service from House of Tours

House of Tours are pleased to present our dedicated van service for music, theatre, and live performance touring. We now have a dedicated van HoTline (see what we did there?) and email address you can use to contact that part of our multi-faceted business. This means that you can hire vans for equipment transfer between venues whenever you need to. You can even call us if you’re mid-tour in Europe and need a dedicated courier ASAP because we have a network of vans strategically placed throughout Europe, so we’re never far away. Handy if you need us in a hurry and let’s face it, everything you need while on a tour is in a hurry!

You can be assured that your equipment will be safe with us. Believe us, we understand how important having timely access to your gear is to you on show days and it’s our job to get your equipment to you on time, every time, in the state in which we received it. It’s not the sort of thing that performers or tour managers tend to think too much about or even care much about, but you will definitely care when the system fails and the courier with all your lights doesn’t show up. Show in the dark, anyone? You don’t have to worry about that with our team of dedicated drivers and vans ready to assist you. Vans aren’t bound by most of the European cabotage laws to the same extent that lorries and coaches are, so we can flit across the borders with relative ease. This means we can be sure to provide a fast and efficient transportation service.

We have always proudly declared ourselves a one stop shop for everything you need for a successful tour, live performance, or event and we have various in-house methods of transport in our arsenal. We have always found that the fewer cooks are in the kitchen backstage at a show, the less things can go wrong. Because if you’ve got one company managing your tour rather than thirty, there are so many fewer opportunities for miscommunication between parties. That’s why we have so many different moving parts to House of Tours, so you don’t have to outsource to people you don’t trust.

Many courier companies who claim to provide the same service, will have your equipment in their van along with several other clients’ cargo, so you’re not necessarily their priority. They’re not dedicated to your show or you as a client. That’s what we mean by “dedicated”. We don’t mean that all our van drivers grew up wishing that they could one day drive your guitar between venues or that they are super committed to their job. Maybe they did and they totally are committed, of course, but we mean that when we load your equipment into our vans, you are our only client. It is now that driver’s only job to get that cargo to its destination safely and on time. There will be no changing hands or loading and unloading between vehicles. It’s as safe as it could possibly be. That’s why we’re the best. We’ve been doing this for thirty years and we know what we’re doing.

Another thing to consider when you’re choosing a transportation or courier company for your tour is whether they will be prepared for the changes to the tachograph laws which will come into effect early next year (2022). These changes will mean that everyone wishing to drive a van over 2.5 tonnes (that’s every van really) to Europe as a transportation vehicle will now need to obtain an operator licence to be able to transport goods around Europe and Ireland. Changes to the cabotage laws are bound to cripple some of our competitors whose employees do not have the relevant licences and training already. Rest assured though, that all our dedicated van drivers and vehicles have the relevant licences and documentations already, so we are all set for the European law change. It won’t disrupt our business. We’ve got it all in hand.

So, make sure you make note of the number for our HoTline (0800 689 0247) and our email, before you board your tour bus. You never know when you might need us in the UK or Europe. You may also wish to contact us about transportation further afield which we can, of course, facilitate. Find out about how we can make the stress of organising a touring a thing of the past by viewing our website. Whether you need a set transported or built, a tour managed, or a music video produced, House of Tours has it all in-house and under one roof.