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Mental Health

6 Reasons Why Metal Music is Good For You

We’re sick of hearing that listening to metal music is bad for you. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, we would just appreciate any middle-aged squares keeping their judgements on how rap music is behind knife crime and metal music makes you violent to themselves.

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Rock metal concert

10 Songs to Get You Through the Last Leg of Lockdown

At House of Tours, we know you’re probably counting the days until we’re out of lockdown and on our way back to some kind of life once again. With the incredible efforts of the NHS and scores of volunteers, the vaccine roll-out has been better, faster and more efficient that we could have hoped for, but we think it’s fair to say that with the end in sight, the finish line looks a long, long way away.

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Touring musician carnets

Everything You Need to Know about Carnets and Moving Your Equipment Abroad

As musicians and performers, we understand that you need your own equipment with you for your shows. We at House of Tours, are here to make sure you have the right kit, at the right venue and at the right time, within the law. So here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about the logistics of moving your stuff about the globe and the answers to them for your touring peace of mind. You know, for when we can tour internationally again.

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Vans for Bands

The Easiest Touring Experience Yet

We are partnering up with Vans For Bands to bring you your easiest touring experience yet.

Vans For Bands Ltd is the largest passenger transport supplier for the live music industry in the UK, servicing around 100 tours per month and moving up to 10,000 artists and crew every year. With the largest fleet of bespoke 9 seat splitter vans in Europe and a growing fleet of luxury nightliners they are industry leaders.

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