All Killer – No Filler:
The Meatiest Metal Sandwich That Won’t Break Your Teeth.

All Killer No Filler Metal Fest

We’ve heard it said that the metal music industry is a self-indulgent medium of self-expression. We’re not sure metalheads or fans of metal music are as self-interested as this suggests. In fact, some of the kindest, most compassionate people we have worked with at House of Tours happened to be musicians in metal bands.

We’re of the opinion that the metal music industry, on the whole is a very self-LESS creative sub-sector and to prove our point, we need look no further than the amazing charitable event happening this Saturday. A dozen bands from the UK’s leading line-up in metal music are banding together to give everyone an awesome evening for a great cause. The event is called All Killer – No Filler Fest and is happening online this weekend. Here is what you need to know about this free live event.

What is it?

All Killer – No Filler Fest is a four hour live-streamed event from KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton. Hosted by Total Rock and (you guessed it) House of Tours, the show will feature twelve UK rock and metal acts playing three songs each live. Sound good yet? Live music on a Saturday night sounds like the kind of fun we all used to have pre-covid. The difference is that since we’re still not able to gather at full capacity yet, it will be an online event. But hey, why not make it a big deal? If you’re yearning for the old days when moshing didn’t pose an infection risk and tripping over beer bottles was part of the fun, then grab a drink this Saturday, turn off the lights in the living room and crank up the volume on your device. It’s a party if you make it one, plus there’ll be no one you dislike on the guest list. Bonus!

In addition to all the amazing music you’ll get to hear, there’ll also be interviews with some of the band members and guest features, plus a few other surprises. So, right now we expect you’re wanting to know who the acts and bands are that will be featuring this weekend. No problem, here’s a list.

  • Wolf Jaw
  • Divine Chaos
  • Fury
  • Absolva
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Hollowstar
  • Steve Grimmetts Grim Reaper
  • Kill II This
  • Revival Black
  • Hounds 
  • Ravenbreed
  • Scarlet Rebels

There will also be the likes of Pete K Mally and Total Rock’s Mighty Matt Mason sharing compere duty who will, we’re certain, be exchanging a witty repartee.

Say no more? No problem. We’ll just see you there.


When and where?

Ok well, we have to say a little bit more or you won’t know where to find us. (We’re just really excited about this at House of Tours). So here it is, this free music extravaganza is being streamed live on YouTube and Facebook at 20:00 hours on the 1st of May. As we said it lasts for four hours and it’s going to be awesome.

What’s the cause?

The purpose of this venture is to one: entertain the poor music fans who have been missing listening to their favourite bands and music without earphones for over a year now (thanks coronavirus), and two, it’s to raise money for the UK Metal Merger Stagehand campaign. This initiative supports stagehands, backstage professionals, crew and other freelancers who have been financially affected by the pandemic. These are the people who have always been the backbone of any live, creative service, many of whom do not qualify for government funding or backing from the many charities and organisations who support musicians and performers. Since they are neither, they’ve fallen through a loophole where they cannot work but haven’t been furloughed and do not meet the conditions to receive help from any other organisation.

If we wish to see our live music industry return and regenerate, we cannot afford to lose all our talented crew and stagehands to other careers. When we are allowed to perform to large crowds again, there will be no show without these people. So, although the show is free and everyone is welcome, if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to do so, we ask that you consider a donation of five pounds to the UK Metal Merger Stagehand campaign. Total Rock writes that by giving to this worthy cause “you will be helping to avoid a catastrophic loss of skills, knowledge and experience in the live music industry.” The page for donating to this charity can be found here.

How do I get involved?

Well, if you are able to give, then great. If you are not, then you’re still welcome. No one is excluded from this metal fest. Come, join the Facebook group or subscribe to Total Rock Radio on YouTube and find somewhere comfy to lay your tush at 8pm this Saturday. Sit back, relax or go f**king mental for the epic music from this awesome line-up.

We’re really honoured to be able to support and assist this great event for this very worthy cause. It’s a project that is very close to our hearts as a leading logistics and tour facilitation company in the UK. Stagehands, crew and techies are our world, and we see what they do and how hard they work, for next to no credit and certainly no glory, but none of us could enjoy our beloved live music without them. We hope to see them, and their families, all still standing at the end of the pandemic and ready to resume their vital roles again when touring and live entertainment resumes.