The HOT Story

House of Tours was founded by owner and creative visionary, Stu Phillips. Stu has worked, and succeeded, in several business sectors including architectural design and blockbuster film logistics, without really achieving the level of job satisfaction he desired. Now he has not only found something he is truly excellent at, but also has crafted it to align with his passions.

Meet Stu

As a former musician who toured extensively with his band, he has observed several difficulties in the logistics and management of tours in his time. Finding that miscommunication between companies was the major source of mistakes being made on the road, he decided to create a touring logistics company which encompassed all areas of touring and eliminated the need for compromise while reducing the likelihood of miscommunication disrupting tour plans.

Meet House of Tours

House of Tours is designed to be a complete catalogue of touring facilities, information, and logistical resources for performers of all kinds. The main motivation behind creating House of Tours was to ensure that a company existed which would dedicate themselves to the smooth running of tours and live events for the wellbeing of musicians, performers, and their fans. House of Tours can confidently say this has been achieved.

Comfortably and capably facilitating massive tours and shows for many years, the covid-19 pandemic put a metaphorical spanner in the works. Finding an urgent need for quality, arena-worthy virtual performances in 2020, Stu guided House of Tours through this new business niche to achieve a level of virtual live shows which has rarely been achieved before. Now specialising in hybrid shows while once again supporting and facilitating some of the biggest shows, events and festivals on earth, Stu is kept busy with every aspect of his business and happily so.

Meet Our Clients