10 Songs to Get You Through
the Last Leg of Lockdown

Rock metal concert

At House of Tours, we know you’re probably counting the days until we’re out of lockdown and on our way back to some kind of life once again. With the incredible efforts of the NHS and scores of volunteers, the vaccine roll-out has been better, faster and more efficient that we could have hoped for, but we think it’s fair to say that with the end in sight, the finish line looks a long, long way away.

If you’ve got the lingering lockdown blues too, then we’ve got just the thing for you. House of Tours has come together to compile a sort of virtual mixtape of our favourite songs to get you headbanging in your kitchen/home office/breakroom until you can actually hit the mosh pits again. So here we go…

1. Motörhead: We Are the Road Crew.

This song really speaks to us at House of Tours. For all the good, the bad and the ugly of the touring life it’s what we know and what we love. We know you’re missing it just as much as we are. Whether you’re a musician, backstage personnel or a vital member of the tech crew we know you work just as hard as the frontman (or woman) and you deserve the applause too. So, here’s to the road crew and everyone else who doesn’t get to take a bow.

2. Queen: The Show Must Go On.

Something we are all feeling in the marrow of our bones right now. With the press scaremongering about whether the creative industries will ever recover after the pandemic and Brexit, this is our spirit song. The shows will, and must, go on. When they can, House of Tours will be here to make sure they go as smoothly as possible. Logistics and production managing may not be sexy, but we make the show go on just as much as the performers.

3. Five Finger Death Punch: Wash it All Away.

The video for this is so epic and fills us with longing for sold-out venues again. We may have to start from scratch after the restrictions ease but there is power in a clean slate. For those we’ve lost to the virus and to the isolation it brought, let’s make our comeback an epic one.

4. AC/DC: For Those Who Are About to Rock.

Here’s to hoping there isn’t much longer to wait before full capacity venues are full of sweaty bodies, plastic cups and melted eyeliner again. So, for those who are about to rock (in the not-too-distant future), we salute you! Find the video here.

5. Manowar: Warriors of the World.

This is our war cry at House of Tours as we work to revitalise and repair our old routes while blazing a fresh trail as we go forwards. Professionals and fans alike, we are all united together in one cause and yes, we’re beneath the same metal sky. We want to rock! So, fight on, because our art is worth fighting for.

6. Motörhead (David Bowie cover): Heroes.

We love this cover of David Bowie’s iconic showstopper. It’s so uplifting. The lyrics speak of being united and being the best you can be, even if it’s only for a moment. That’s what we do onstage. We create and enable moments of magic to inspire other people. We love the positive vibes of this anthem, especially with an extra dash of awesome from Motörhead.

7. Muse: Uprising.

We had to get some Muse in here somewhere. As their name suggests, they’re an inspiring bunch. We’re feeling this particular song right now because of the vein-pulsing beat and the epic feel. We’ll admit to missing bass so loud you can feel it in your lungs, but we will be victorious and come through this together.

8. Disturbed: Sound of Silence.

This is a beautiful cover of the 1964 Simon and Garfunkel song. It’s uplifting in the way that sad songs often are. The orchestral accompaniment on this version is stunning and is the perfect song when you’re missing someone or feeling too alone. These days, we’re pretty much missing everyone important in our lives and we know that some days are better than others. Just hold on. It will get better.

9. Motley Crue: Home Sweet Home.

So, we’re all stuck at home, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that our homes are not our homes. For those creatives used to long-haul touring, our own beds don’t feel like ours at all. Being in our “homes” for such a long time feels really alien and we’re super prone to stir-crazy syndrome because we’re not used to stability. Some people thrive on chaos, so safe and solid makes us feel a bit sick after a while, and it’s definitely been a while. Well, we like this song because we know where we belong and we’re on our way back there now that restrictions are set to lift. We’re coming home, sweet home.

10. Queensryche: Silent Lucidity.

Here’s the thing, creative people often suffer with poor mental health. Creativity often comes with a price and for many of us it’s not being able to trust our own thoughts to prioritise our self-preservation. Depression is a very real illness, and this song is for those days when you can’t get the devil off your back. You are not alone, and this song is here to remind you of that when you need it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little playlist of blasts from the past. All these songs mean something important to one of us at House of Tours and we wanted to share them to spread some peace and love in these difficult times. We also know that we’re on the verge of rising up bigger and better than we ever were before. We’re ready, we’re determined and we’re more tenacious than we’ve ever been before. So, let’s do this!

House of Tours are here to make your rock and roll dreams come true and get your shows on the road, as soon as we legally can again. Meanwhile, why not check out the livestreaming and pre-recording services we offer, so you can get your music back out there into the stratosphere where it belongs? Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.